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17.5" Seat




The used Albion SLK LH (Low Head) NS (Narrow Seat) is a popular dressage saddle for riders who want a comfortable and secure saddle, the deep seat gives a traditional dressage position without locking the rider in place, and the medium sized thigh blocks offer a stable leg position throughout. The wool flocked panels give a wide bearing surface across the horses back and provide stability throughout.


The Albion SLK has a slightly curvy tree which suits horses with some shape to their back and average to high withers.


This used Albion SLK dressage saddle is in very good condition with the usual flapwear and surface scratches you would expect to see on a second hand saddle. 


This second hand Albion dressage saddle features:

  • Full front gussets
  • Medium fixed knee blocks
  • Middle and v-web girth straps
  • Wool flocked panels


Serial Number - 56520

Albion SLK LH NS Dressage Saddle 17.5" MW

SKU: P-9
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